H2WU – Underwater fine art photographer.

With a strong studio and photography background professionally, H2Wu utilizes his technical photography knowledge and sense of artistic intuition to adapt photography to the underwater environment, as underwater IS his studio, and backdrop. H2Wu’s underwater photography has been published in numerous magazines worldwide, and he has worked with both editorial and commercial photography in the beauty and fashion industries. H2Wu’s photographic artistry has also appeared on popular TV shows as well. His fine art work has won several awards in the editorial photography publication world, and has been featured in the prestigious L.A. Art Show, in Los Angeles, CA.

Presently, H2Wu’s photography and artwork’s primary focus is on the underwater imagery realm, and also explores other photography disciplines. His work centers on the interaction of the underwater world, and imagination surrounding the human form. The inspirations he takes from his long ago fascination with fine art, the history of art, and photography, fit together to form an interaction between the human form, environmental elements, and life intertwined with the ocean, living near the beach in CA. His wish is for his audience to experience the same magic and the depth he feels, and a sense of wonder, provoking a feeling of inspiration, discovery and imagination.

H2Wu can be reached via this website for commercial, editorial, and underwater photography sessions. Collectable museum quality, limited edition prints can be purchased through this website.

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